After a successful return of the 2023 Fair, the Fairground Heritage Foundation (FHF) is looking ahead to its next steps. With a fresh new logo in place, the foundation is thrilled to announce an exciting new project.

Several years ago, the Board of Supervisors made the decision to kickstart the revitalization of the Fairgrounds. This has involved a variety of improvements, both visible and behind the scenes. From new water and heating systems to noticeable upgrades like bathrooms, paving, and roofs, the transformation has been ongoing. Notably, upgrades to Heritage Hall and the restoration of replicas of the State Capitol and Annex stand out as significant achievements. The foundation is eager to reintroduce these historic buildings for public use and enjoyment.

The first phase involved minimal refurbishing of the interior of the Annex building and implementing a security system to safeguard valuable pieces of Fairground history. However, there is still much more work to be done, as shown in the photos displaying the buildings in their new and current conditions.


In the upcoming year, the FHF will be reaching out to supporters, volunteers, and investors to help propel this project forward. Collaboration is key, and the foundation invites everyone to participate in this capital endeavor. Keep an eye out for the Call to Action here or in your inbox, and feel free to reach out if you’re interested in visiting the buildings. Together, let’s bring history into the present and preserve it for future generations.

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