Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a chance to explore the 2022 Heritage Display put together by Marcella Gulmon of the Fairgrounds Heritage Foundation this year during the fair.  This exhibit is made of many items that have been collected and donated from our community so that the history and story of the Santa Clara County Fair and Fairgrounds is preserved and shared.  We are always looking for things to add to this exhibit and items to fill in the gaps between years.  Along with all of the fair items, we are looking to gather items from all the events, concerts, club meetings and the many other memories made at the fairgrounds.  Any and all trinkets, photos, programs, ribbons and the like are welcome.

Many of you spoke to Marcella during the fair and a few have reached out about how to donate items that you, your family or friends may have that could be added to this collection.  If you would prefer to loan the items to the Heritage Exhibit, we are happy to work with you for that too. If you have something to donate or loan, please reach out to Marcella via our Asset Donation link and she will work with you to get the items. Be sure to let her know what the item is and some history around it.

Every item continues to tell our story and document our fairgrounds history. Looking forward to the awesome finds you may have for us.

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