2019 Fair is in The Books!

Another successful Fair is over for another year. Although our attendance was down as would-beFair attendees responded to the recent tragic events in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton, the many who didcome had a wonderful time. From the fantastic murals representing every city in Santa Clara County, tothe introduction of the Fair History Museum, the fireworks, Dock Dogs, Vintage racecars and a much-expanded Carnival area, there was something happening almost every hour from opening to closing toentertain, education and delight all who were there.   And now a whole new series of events will be filling the Fairgrounds for the next twelve months. First,we want to share that the meeting set for Tuesday, September 10th , The County Board of Supervisors will be voting on along-term contract for the Fair Management Corporation has been moved to September 24th.The Heritage Foundation and FMC haveworked together for a number of years to enlist the support of the Supervisors for this contract.  Approval of a long-term contract will not only allow for the true work of redeveloping the Fairgrounds tobegin, the Heritage Foundation can launch an expansive fund-raising campaign to accomplish bothredevelopment and fund raising will be the work of many hands and community input. We hope all ofyou will participate in a manner that best suits you.   To begin we ask that any supporter of the Fairgrounds who is available, to make it a point to attend theCounty Supervisors Meeting at the County Offices on Heading Street in San Jose on September 24th . TheAgenda will be released a few days before the meeting so check back for the exact...
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