Another successful Fair is over for another year. Although our attendance was down as would-beFair attendees responded to the recent tragic events in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton, the many who didcome had a wonderful time. From the fantastic murals representing every city in Santa Clara County, tothe introduction of the Fair History Museum, the fireworks, Dock Dogs, Vintage racecars and a much-expanded Carnival area, there was something happening almost every hour from opening to closing toentertain, education and delight all who were there.


And now a whole new series of events will be filling the Fairgrounds for the next twelve months. First,we want to share that the meeting set for Tuesday, September 10th , The County Board of Supervisors will be voting on along-term contract for the Fair Management Corporation has been moved to September 24th.The Heritage Foundation and FMC haveworked together for a number of years to enlist the support of the Supervisors for this contract.  Approval of a long-term contract will not only allow for the true work of redeveloping the Fairgrounds tobegin, the Heritage Foundation can launch an expansive fund-raising campaign to accomplish bothredevelopment and fund raising will be the work of many hands and community input. We hope all ofyou will participate in a manner that best suits you.


To begin we ask that any supporter of the Fairgrounds who is available, to make it a point to attend theCounty Supervisors Meeting at the County Offices on Heading Street in San Jose on September 24th . TheAgenda will be released a few days before the meeting so check back for the exact time. While vocalsupport is always welcome, simply being present for the vote sends the message that many countyresidents care about their Fairgrounds and want it restored and expanded to meet today’s requirementsand tomorrow’s needs. The Fairgrounds Heritage Foundation treasures our agricultural roots, but wealso want our children and grandchildren to experience the fullness of a Fairgrounds, that truly is a“Legacy for the Future” blending the best of the past, present and future to serve the diversifiedcommunity that Santa Clara County has become.


We are sure that many of you have read about suggestions to break the promises made 75 years ago tothe farmers who sold their land to the county to ensure there would always be a public open place forthe residents to meet and celebrate their lives and public events. It is our belief there is no expirationdate on a good faith promises. Removing or lessening access to the Fairgrounds as it was meant to beused in any way, is in the Foundation’s view, the breaking of a Public Trust. This cannot be allowed tohappen. Although we recognize the good intentions of those that would use the Fairgrounds to addressthe homeless issues and related matters, there is a more important and long-standing agreement thatmust be honored. There is only one Fairgrounds in our County, and when it is gone, it is Gone. Butthere are many other sites that can be utilized to address the current social issues and those that willoccur in years to come.


San Jose is rapidly becoming a large city. Large cities often have a way of forgetting their roots andforget to cherish the very things that make the city possible. San Jose and the County need theFairgrounds to help all of us remember where we came from, who we are, and what we want tobecome. Please join us in this mission.


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