Let Us Imagine the Possibilities!

A number of interesting things have been occurring in the past month. Probably the most notable has been the decision on the part of the Board of Supervisors to reconsider the RFP Process. As stated in a recent Mercury News article, the Supervisors were not satisfied with the results of the current RFP process and felt they need to look at other options and the requirements. Needless to say, the Fairgrounds Heritage Foundation was pleased and encouraged to hear the Board of Supervisors may be open to the public driven process that we have been advocating for reimagining the Fairgrounds. However, this also means that a number of groups who were not part of the original process have discovered a sudden interest in the Fairgrounds. As we have from the beginning, the Foundation welcomes the input and involvement of everyone in the County, but we also want to ensure that a coherent plan, one that captures as many of the possibilities as we have heard about from the public, wins the day.

The Fairgrounds Heritage Foundation has been busy these past weeks fundraising and preparing for the Supervisors’ Meeting on Tuesday, September 12th at the County Building on Hedding Street. If you are available, please join us in support of a public-driven process. Come to the County Building about 11 am, on Tuesday, September 12th. It is not necessary that you speak, unless you wish to. The Foundation will have signs available that read, “Let Us Imagine the Possibilities” to be raised during the Fairgrounds discussion. Please bring a friend with you to make your support for the Fairgrounds as visible as possible.
After several years of effort, we are coming to a critical point in our drive to keep the Fairgrounds and the Fair intact and as a gathering place for families, celebrations, learning, entertainment, and a whole host of other possibilities.   If you share our determination to let the Public decide, please show your support by:
  • Attending the Supervisors’ meeting on September 12th
  • Donating to support our efforts to keep the public informed
  • Getting involved by becoming a volunteer, member or Board Member of the Foundation
Thank you for your support and we hope to see you next Tuesday!
Fairgrounds Heritage Foundation of Santa Clara County
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